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The mission of the Pet Resort is to consistently give pets quality care, so that their owners have peace of mind during their pet's stay.

We are trained to handle all types of pets - dogs, cats, and exotic animals, from the youngest to the oldest -- biggest to the smallest. We do not turn animals away solely based on breed.

We provide traditional boarding services, with indoor and outdoor animal runs, more like home crate boarding with unlimited play time, and exotic boarding services in a separate area from the dogs. All boarding guests of the Pet Resort are offered grooming, extra play time, splash time, or walk time.

We offer professional grooming services for all animal types -- from bath and brushes to intricate poodle cuts. We work with you to find the perfect cut and style for your pet and your lifestyle.

For more information on our services, please see the detailed descriptions below. Also, you can click on any image below to have a larger image appear in a separate window.


Dogs: There are two types of boarding available for dogs at The Pet Resort -- Traditional Boarding and our "more like home" Crate Boarding. Traditional boarding includes an inside / outside run where the inside area is 4' by 5' and the outside area is 4' by 12'. The inside area is heated in winter and cooled in summer, and the outside area is protected by a roof. There is also an 8' high security fence surrounding the runs for extra protection, and 3' of poured concrete to prevent the dogs from digging out.

The cost for this type of boarding is $20 per day, per animal. If you have more than one dog, they may be boarded together at your request. Please bring your dog's food, dishes, special toys and beds or blankets for comfort. These items will help your pet feel safe and happy away from home. We can provide food for your dog for an additional $1 per day. Medicine that needs to be given separate from your dog's food dish is charged at $.50 per administration.

For an additional $5 per family, any of the dogs staying here can be given additional walk, play or splash time. This means that your pet can be given an extra 30 minutes of single play in an enclosed area.

Our other style of boarding is more like home, where the dogs each have their own crate. The dogs go outside several times a day to walk around and play and do their business and are free to roam about and lounge around. They are in their crates between play times and to sleep at night. Any special needs (such as medication) are included with this boarding type.

The cost for this type of boarding is $30 per day. Again, please bring your dog's food, dishes, special toys or beds and blankets for comfort. Food can be provided for your dog for an additional $1 per day.


Cats: Your cat may either be boarded in our Exotic Room along with other cats, birds, and reptiles, etc. for entertainment or in the doggie crate area sepearate from, but able to see, the dogs, TV, etc. Please specify when you book your cat's vacation where you would like them to be. Please bring your cat's food, dishes, litter box and any special toys or beds for their comfort. The fee for boarding your cat is $20 per day, per animal, or $10 per day if they are accompanying a doggie sibling. Food can be provided for your cat for an additional $1 per day, and kitty litter for an additional $.50 per day. Medicine that needs to be given separate from your cat's food dish is charged at $.50 per administration.


Exotics (birds, reptiles, etc.): Your exotic pet will be boarded in our separate Exotic Room for $20 per day, or $10 per day with a cat or doggie sibling. Please bring your own habitat for your exotic pet.



During your pet's stay or as a separate service, we can provide professional grooming for the animals. We offer bathing and / or grooming of cats and dogs of all breeds and temperaments. We also groom other exotics. Our bath and brushes start at $30 and include clipping of nails and cleaning and/or plucking of ears. We also offer teeth brushing at an additional charge. Rates for grooming will depend on breed, size and type of cut. Please call for a more specific quote.

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Dog Park

We offer a 2 acre fenced in area for you and your dog to play. We charge $50 for a monthly membership or $5 per session (pay for 5 sessions, get the 6th one free). Call for times and rules.

Specialty Services and Special Events